Polished Screed Over Underfloor Heating

I’m Andy Parkin Managing Director of the Multi-Award Winning Speed Screed. Thank you very much for your question, Grace.

Your question is:

“I’m looking for a screed to use over underfloor heating for a domestic conversion that can be used as the finished floor surface.”

Watch Andy’s video to find out his answer:

As you might be aware, most floor screeds are not suitable to be left as the wearing surface. You are going to need a floor covering, tiles, carpets, laminates, etc.  To go on top of the screed.   However, some products can be left without coverings.

A couple of products that come to mind are Gypsol and Cemfloor products.

Gypsol has two versions in their range, Rustique which, as you can imagine, gives that kind of rustic feel to the floor, and then a product called a Diamond. Now diamond is concrete looking.

With both, you would need to grind the screed’s surface or sand before applying a suitable sealer on top. And then the floor is good to go!

Cemfloor’s product is cementitious, as opposed to a gypsum-based screed like the Gypsol products. This one is cementitious and is a liquid screed. It can be ground down and then polished before the sealant is added giving it a concrete look.

Another option is micro cement. You could use whichever floor screed that you see fit, and then on top, lay around three mm of micro cement. The micro cement is then polished, and you have got a nice shiny surface. Different colours can be used.

Bear in mind that this is a naturally occurring product. The aggregates between deliveries may vary slightly, however you have got some good options if you want a finished floor.

All these options work with underfloor heating systems. No problem if you are using underfloor heating.

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