Liquid Screed For Underfloor Heating in Gourney Grove, Essex

This private developer required a liquid screed contractor to lay a liquid floor screeding in Gourney Grove, Grays.  This residential project preparation of  insulation, membrane and underfloor heating, was already for the screed to be poured.


liquid screed contractor

Liquid Screed Contractor Impress the Client

The client agreed on a  liquid screed solution.  With the superior thermal conductivity being something that was of great interested with the screed going over underfloor heating.

It means that the screed heats up and cools down faster than a standard screed.

This type of screed allows for foot traffic in just maximum of 48 hours. Expect minimal cracking and shrinkage which does not curl. No reinforcements needed. The screed is an eco-friendly calcium sulphate binder with 92% reduction in CO2.

The product used was Higflow S, which has an excellent heat transfer characteristics.

When pumping the screed into the property, a Utiform V3 was the best option with its 200l hopper, low filling height, and remote control.

With a high-performance fast-track solution meaning that the screed is pumped and laid in a matter of couple of hours.

Speed Screed are approved installers of liquid screeds supplied by all the major suppliers in the UK  

Agreegate Industries Highflow S,

Tarmac Topflow Screed A

BreedonFlow Gypscreed

CEMEX Supaflo 

The Speed Screed team can supply the whole package from insulation, underfloor heating insulation,  and liquid floor screeding.

Here is a brief video of how flowing screed can help your project.

Want to compare liquid screeding to traditional screeds? Also, don’t forget to drop us a message and let us know if you need more answers.