Water Underfloor Heating Systems with Tailored Heat Supplies, Lincoln

A domestic property owner in Brampton, Lincoln had a requirement for a water underfloor heating systems.  As a specialist in underfloor heating the Speed-Screed team, we were happy to help.

water underfloor heating systems

Screeding Contractors in Lincoln for Domestic Property

We installed a water underfloor heating system, which is a totally bespoke design service by Tailored Heat Supplies. Tailored Heat Supplies is a leading trade supplier of underfloor heating systems, heating manifold solutions. And much more such as central heating controls, air and ground source heat pumps, press fit pipework/fittings and ventilation. A one-stop system house for builders, installers and specifiers throughout the UK.

The underfloor heating system is fully designed to the customer’s exact needs, including screed installation, membranes, insulation, perimeter expansion strips and movement jointing.

screeding contractors in LincolnThe underfloor heating system is manufactured by the best in the industry, Emmeti UK. Emmeti UK is our no. 1 supplier of underfloor heating parts. A state of the art pipe manufacturer. Emmeti is the perfect choice for underfloor heating and plumbing parts.

The Screeding Process for Water Underfloor Heating Systems

With the insulation, membrane, edging strip and underfloor heating system all installed, the system was ready for the screed.  Due to program restrictions, a fast drying screed was required to ensure that the client wasn’t waiting months for the screed to be dry enough to lay the floor coverings.

Furthermore, by using Keracem Eco, the screed can receive light foot traffic after 8 hours. Underfloor heating turned after only 3 days and laid the ceramics after 24 hours. Resilient and woods for only 5 days.

When mixing, place a half of the sand in the vessel earlier, followed by Keracem Eco before pouring the water and construction fibres. And finally, add the other half of the sand.

For us, we always use  Putzmeister M760 for mixing a compound needed in the construction in reducing labour effort.

The construction fibres used for this project is Adfil Fibrin 660F.  These fibres are present to reduce plastic shrinkage and cracking. After that, pump the screed exactly on the place needed.

Why Keracem Eco?

Karacem eco is an eco-friendly, liquid-related, Commonly used in normal-setting and fast-drying mineral binder for high-performance screeds and heat-glowing slabs, ideal for domestic projects. With very low danger and unstable organic compound emissions. recyclable as an inert material at the end of its life.