25mm Floor Screed

25mm Floor Screed – All You Need To Know

I’m Andy Parkin Managing Director of the Multi Awarding Winning Speed Screed.  Today I would like to talk about 25mm floor screed.

When talking about a 25mm screed, the substrate should be identified.  Do you have concrete (bonded), membrane (unbonded), or floating (onto thermal or acoustic insulation)?

The ability to lay 25mm screed will be dependent on what the type of substrate is.

If we take the discussed substrates one by one and identify suitable products for 25mm screed.

25mm Floor Screed Bonded



When looking for a 25mm floor screed to be laid directly onto insulation, I would be extremely careful.  I wouldn’t like to recommend any products for this application, and anything used may be at risk.  A change of floor build-up may be required.  Screed is very thin by its nature, and whilst strong when compressed, its flexural strength is quite low and it replies on the substrate to remove flexural movement.  To use a screed in a floating construction situation, you would need to increase the depth of the screed to be able to withstand the movement when floating.

I hope this helps you with your 25mm screed choices, the screed products above are not exclusive, and if you have any questions please contact us.

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25mm Floor Screed

25mm Floor Screed