Liquid Screed Suppliers?

Liquid Screed Suppliers

I’m Andy Parkin, Managing Director of the Multi-Award Winning Speed Screed.  I’m here today to talk about liquid screed suppliers, just exactly who supplies liquid screed into the market.

Just Who Are The Liquid Screed Suppliers?

Starting with the major national suppliers in the market, the companies that have a plant network throughout the UK. The majors will supply the product, however they won’t supply it from every one of their plants, because there is a requirement for them to have a separate silo for the calcium sulphate binder that goes into the liquid screed. That is for the calcium sulphate.

There is a cementitious liquid screed, again it requires certain materials, the sands are often specialist sands that are not necessarily used in ready mix concrete, so you can have these little variants that they are not going to supply from every plant.

The area that the plants will cover tend to be larger than they do for ready mix concrete, because the product generally will travel better, especially calcium sulphate. Whilst it is agitated, it has a greater open life (you can work with the liquid screed for longer).

Major Liquid Screed Suppliers

Who actually supplies the binder to these various companies?

Two suppliers account for 95% of the UK market, and those two suppliers are Gypsol and Gyvlon. That is the calcium sulphate binder that is sold to the above companies, who then mix the product together and supply in their truck mixers.

Calcium sulphate binder is milled,  a waste product that instead of going to landfill gets processed and supplied into the market.

The faster drying liquid screed is the cementitious based product.

The two companies also supply the calcium sulphate binder to a large collection of independents all over the country, apart from the majors, they also deal with small independents. There is a good possibility that even if you don’t have one of the majors locally, you will have an independent supplier that has struck a deal with one of the binder manufacturers, and you will be able to obtain a liquid screed from that local supplier.

You are not going to get 100% coverage throughout the UK, and would say that you are looking at about 80% coverage.

Approved Contractors

Liquid screed suppliers normally will only supply approved contractors, and you would normally have to be an approved contractor to ensure that the product is laid exactly to the supplier’s guidelines, making sure that the product is laid correctly, is going to perform as it should, working to its designed life of 50 years, 100 years, and there is going to be no issues.

If you need any further information on liquid screed suppliers , just contact us, we love to help!

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liquid screed suppliers

liquid screed suppliers