Ask Andy “Levelling Screed For A Workshop Floor”

I am Andy Parking Managing Director of the Multi Award Winning Speed Screed, thank you very much for your question John.

Your question is:

“I want a self-levelling screed. I can put down myself for a workshop floor”

Watch Andy’s video to find out his answer:

We will assume that, with it being a workshop floor, you are just going to want to leave it after laying and are not going to put any floor coverings on top.  It needs to be a wearing surface.

When looking for a self-levelling screed, generally you are looking for a very thin topping to take out imperfections from the existing floor/slab.

The type of products that you should look at are self-smoothing screeds, that you can skim over the surface with something like 5 mm depth, just to take out those imperfections.

The substrate is particularly important in that it needs to be sound. If it is starting to break up, if you have big holes, all that will need to be taken care of, because otherwise the cracks/issue will just transfer into the smoothing element.

You will end up with cracks in the new screed, and that will end up just looking like the original substrate, they would need repairing before starting.

The substrate needs to be dry, free from contaminants, grease oil, etc. It needs to be in good condition.

The product that I would recommend is RonaScreed Self-Smoothing Exterior Screed on this one.

It would be a finished surface and you would not need any floor coverings on top, it will take the wear and tear.  It can be used in commercial and domestic projects; you do not have to worry about that wear and tear on the surface.

It will need a primer applying to the surface of the substrate. The product is then mixed. It is a simple bag and addition of water, mixed with a paddle mixer, then poured onto the surface at the appropriate depth.

The minimum thickness for this product is 5mm. You can go up to 40 mm if you need to, but the minimum would be 5mm.

RonaScreed Self-Smoothing Exterior Screed must be the perfect answer for your problem.

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