Ask Andy “Foot Traffic Screed Damage”

I am Andy Parkin Managing Director of the Multi-Award Winning Speed Screed. Thank you very much for your question, Tim.

Your question is:

Just had screed laid, and three-year-old has run across. What do I do?

Watch Andy’s video to find out his answer:

Foot Traffic Screed Damage

Indeed, over the years, we’ve seen various issues with green screed and trafficking.

Be it workers on-site, be it wild animals, we’ve seen ducks, foxes that have gone across, and cats are one of the prime suspects for screed damage. So, I understand what you’re saying on this one.

There is a product that I would recommend that will repair the damage in the screed, and that is Ardex A45 Ardurapid. It’s a fast dry-in repair, mortar. It also goes down onto green screed, so if it’s still wet, it is moisture tolerant. A lot of products are not, whereas this one is.

Using Adrex A45 Ardurapid

What you would need to do is clean the surface, make sure it’s free from contaminants, dust, etc., and then prime using the Ardex primer, and then you can lay from 1 to 20 mm.

You can apply the product neat. If you want to bulk it out to make it more cost-effective, you can use the Ardex aggregate to mix in with it to go beyond the 20 mm to make it more cost-effective.

You finish it off with a trowel over the surface, and that will give you a smooth texture, and you’ll never know that anything happened in the first place.

So, I’d undoubtedly recommend Ardex A45 Ardurapid.

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