Underfloor Heating Installation in Bridlington for Scothern Construction Ltd.

Another excellent speed screed’s traditional screed project. Underfloor heating ready (already installed) for a partnered construction company in Yorkshire. Considering to hire screed contractors for your underfloor heating installation? make sure you know what’s best for you.


Scothern Construction Limited

Scothern Construction Ltd incorporated in 1989 by Paul Scothern and based in Malton. Aim to build the company with traditional values in a modern-day construction industry, carrying out complete projects in a correct way for a total quality finish.


Traditional Screed On Underfloor Heating Installation For Caravan Club

traditional screed

The program required traditional screed finished on an underfloor heating system. Beneath the floor is previously installed water underfloor heating with a damp-proof membrane which is way more complicated and a lot more expensive to mess with.  Traditional sand and cement screed for Bridlington Caravan Club.  An ideal place for family holiday, located on 18 acres on a gentle hillside, outside of Yorkshire.


In this case, we used traditional screed which is relatively strong and is suitable for all conventional screed applications including monolithic, bonded and unbounded construction. There are a number of options to help reduce surface cracking and increase early strength by only using one part cement when done it gives a smooth floor finish.

Moreover, traditional screed also known as sand and cement screed is ideal for most building projects from domestic to commercial. The traditional screed is perfect when you want a natural screed are you have a lot of time to spend. Ideal for projects with underfloor heating looking for Stronger, tougher finish.


Guide For Sand and Cement Screeding: Speed Screed Team

Our process:

  • In this customized screeding program, we used Adfil Fibrin 660F as construction fiber (Normally). This is to make sure to reduce the event of plastic shrinkage and plastic settlement cracking in screed.
  • Half of the sand is added to the vessel followed by water and Adfil 660F. The second half is then added before the mixing begins.
  • For convenience, we pumped the screed using Putzmeister M760 to the exact location and then the installers lay the screed to provided datums.

Factory supplied products include:

So, how much does underfloor heating cost?