So just how much does underfloor heating cost?

You may search the internet trying to find out what the underfloor heating cost is. The price will depend on a number of factors…

  • How much of the system we can lay per day?
  • Are we going to be utilized fully within the day?  If working a full day then the cost per square meter is cheaper.
  • Are we going to be working half the day?   Then, the price maybe a little bit higher per square meter.
  • How many zones are required (areas that you require individual control over)
  • What type of control system, and do you require wired or wireless thermostats.
  • Internet control?  Do you want to turn the system on from your mobile app?

Underfloor Heating CostUnderfloor Heating Cost

The larger the system, it becomes more cost effective. The price is going to be between sort of £20 and £40 per square meter which gives you a ballpark figure to work with.

We would be very happy to provide you with a quotation so you can be a little more accurate and take into account the factors that I’ve mentioned. We can take into account the factors within your property or the things that may change the price whether it’s the source of the heat. If it’s a ground or air source heat pump, it will mean that there’s going to be more pipe because the supply temperatures are going to be lower so that’s something that we would factor into the quotation.


Underfloor Heating CostUnderfloor Heating Cost