Ask Andy “21mm Floor Zone To Lay Screed To Falls”

I am Andy Parkin Managing Director of the Multi-Award Winning Speed Screed. Thank you very much for your question, Russ.

Your question is:

“I have a 21mm floor zone to lay screed to falls in an accessible shower room. The falls would be in the shower area, which is 12 by 12. What screed would I specify on the top of the concrete?

Watch Andy’s video to find out his answer:

Not Traditional Sand & Cement

You have got 21mm, with it being falls? I assume that it will go from 21mm down to less than that to form the falls. The most suitable screed is not going to be a liquid type product, but something that can be shaped. It needs to be a sand and cement consistency certainly.

Of course, at those thicknesses, you are going to need a polymer-modified screed. With a traditional product such as a 1:4 screed, you are looking at a minimum of 40mm, and so traditional screeds are just going to be no good.

Ronacrete Ronafix

I would recommend a fantastic product, and that would be Ronacrete’s Ronafix, which is a pre-pack screed.

You are just adding water to it, and the product can go from 6-50mm. It needs bonding, so there is a requirement for a bonding agent.

Always Prepare For Ronafix

Preparation, as always, is vital and that the substrate needs to be clean, dry, free from contaminants and if it is bonding onto the concrete.

  • Has the concrete got surface laitance?
  • Does it need grinding to open up the matrix to take the bond?

You will typically encounter all the usual bonding issues, and this product will rely totally on the bond. Ronafix is going to be a perfect answer for you.  Specification-wise, I would say that it is the ideal product.

Ronacrete’s Ronafix, from 6 to 50mm. This product is the one! Well, thank you for your question Russ, and I hope that helps.

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