How Much Does Screed Cost?

Price is something that many clients search on the internet for, but generally won’t find it.  It can be quite difficult to just give an instant quotation, because there are various factors that come into play when trying to find out how much does screed cost such as:
• location, material costs vary around the UK
• the depth of the screed
• the drying and trafficking times of the screed
• actual size of the project, because it may involve part load delivery charges for materials.
• A screed team can lay a certain amount of screed within a day so.  If you’re maximizing the laying capacity of the team then, costs are going to come down.

How much does screed cost

There’s a few factors to consider, but of course you need a ballpark figure for your planning.   Something that can be used for budgeting.

Traditional Screed

Traditional screed is the most used screeding product in the UK, and to answer the question “how much does screed cost”
• Rate is between £11 – £14 per m2.
Based on 75mm thickness and laying 125m2 a day.  If less than 125m2, the price will go up because the teams are not being fully utilized.  Products will probably have part load delivery charges too (the full capacity of the lorry isn’t used).  Optimal would be in multiples of 125m2.

Fast Drying Screed

Fast drying screed option is something that you’re going to be able to get your floor coverings on very quickly.   It allows for early site traffic.
• Rate is between £14 – £18 per m2.
Based on multiples of 125m2 and a depth of 75mm.

Flowing Screed

Flowing screed based on calcium sulphate screed (most popular flowing screed).
Rate is between £10 – £16 per m2.
With flowing screed up to 1,500m2 can be laid per day.  At the highest daily supply rate, that would provide the lowest rate.  100m2 it’s at the other end of the scale and the rate per m2 will be higher.  Screed depth based on 50mm.

Hope that gives you a guide into “how much does screed cost” If you require something customised then click for a quotation

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