Is it possible to lay screed only?

Of course we can!

We have a 10-year guarantee that covers the Screed, so if we are to lay the insulation, membranes, underfloor heating, acoustics, etc., you don’t have to worry about them.

Screed is only as good as the substrate it’s sitting on.  If the insulation is laid correctly with no gaps, otherwise there could be thermal performance issues.  You can also get the screed cracking where there might be steps, gaps or even rocking in the insulation.

If we lay in membranes, it needs to be taped correctly and if it’s a damp proof membrane, then we need to make sure that there are no areas where there may be an ingress of moisture. in underfloor heating, on the other hand, pipes should be fully secured and fully clipped.

Moreover, we provide an edging strip to isolate the Screed from walls and upstands in acoustic insulation, which by the way, can also be carried out in a domestic setup.  In projects like this, we ensure that there are no transmission pathways for the sound to be transmitted through the building especially if it is a multi-occupancy building.

Be assured that with Speed Screed, you can guarantee the whole of the substrate.

Speed Screed Ltd. is a multi awarded screed company with a passion.