How Level Will My Screed Be?

We know you need a like screed, but we also know you’d like to know “how the level will my screed be?”.

How level will my screed be?

Speed Screed work to the British Standard, BS8204:2003. Within that standard, we’re working to an S.R.2 which covers about 80%-90% of all projects within the U.K.

What that it actually entails is a 5ml deviation over a 2m area which is measured with the straightedge –plus or minus, 5ml. For the other 10%, that would actually be an S.R.1 that would be 3ml over a 2m straightedge.

That’s the kind of accuracy that we’re working to and that we will perform day in day out too.

Concrete Society Screed Surface Regularity

Concrete Society confirms the screed surface regularity standards


Level Screed

There may be times when it’s impossible to lay. For example, if there are 2 datums and the datums vary but both need to be hit. Say there’s a door casing –front or back threshold, might be an older property that we’re having to match up. It means that there may be times when we’re physically unable to provide a level screed, but we will fully consult with you on the site and document the fact that we can’t lay a match screed. Otherwise, we will do exactly as you require.

We set out to match or better the British Standard and deliver an S.R.1 or S.R.2, Level screed.

level screed, how level will my screed be