Garage Screed With 1:60 Fall

I’m Andy Parkin Managing Director of the Multi-Award Winning Speed Screed. Thank you very much for your question, Barry.

Your question is:

“We have an existing concrete slab in situ 180mm below the threshold level, so we need to raise the floor level at the door threshold by approximately 160mm. So, falling on a one to sixty towards the entrance would give us 35mm at the entrance. Is this possible with screed?

Watch Andy’s video to find out his answer:

Yes, it certainly is! It’s quite common to screed to put falls into construction. It is an ideal product. It can be formed, moulded and shaped precisely where you need it.

You have 160mm, and you need a fall of 1:60, so it can be formed and finished. With a depth of 35mm at the entrance, you need something that can bond to the substrate at 35mm, and we have some excellent products that you can do with that.

Which Screed Products

You can use products like Ronacrete, Ardex, Kerakoll, and Mapei products.

There are a variety of screeds that would be able to bond at 35mm.

The British Standard states that traditional screed such as 1:4 needs to be 40mm.

You are looking at the modified screed products to bond down at 35mm. The important thing to think about is the substrate ensuring that it is clean, free from contaminants, dry, and there is no available moisture. There should be a damp proof membrane underneath that concrete to not get external moisture coming in.

It is undoubtedly possible to lay the screed with a 1:60 ratio fall.

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